The 100MPH Marketing Story

In 2001 Mitch Ribak, founder of 100MPH Marketing, had decided to start a Real Estate career. Previously, Ribak had been the President and Founder of Internet Community Concepts, a content and commerce company working within the Radio and Television world.

Within a very short time of starting his Real Estate career, it was apparant that the Real Estate Industry had no idea how to use the Internet. By the middle of 2002, was started as was the beginning of a long ride of Internet Marketing and Conversion testing.

In early 2003, one of Ribak's customers, Rob Vanarsdalen, an Internet lead for Ribak, moved to florida and bought a home from Mitch. Both Boston boys quickly became friends. After finding out that Rob was a software developer, Mitch explained his Internet program. Their minds started rolling at that point and 100MPH Marketing began!

Over the next couple of years, Mitch developed and perfected the ideal lead capture and conversion program and Rob took Mitch's ideas and built the original technology for Tropical Realty of Suntree (TRS), Mitch's Real Estate Company. From 2005-2008 the software has proven extremely successful for TRS and in 2007, TRS was the number one Realty office in Brevard County for buyers.

In 2007 Mitch and Rob decided it was time to redo the software product to include full IDX capabilities as well as many database functions. The outcome was a robust, database driven, easy to use CRM, IDX software system that is second to none. Between the software and the Marketing system, many TRS Agents are converting up to 5% of their Internet leads or more than 2 1/2 times the national conversion rates.

The benefits of using the 100MPH Marketing system has been amazing! TRS, with only 14 Agents in 2007, closed 193 transactions in one of the worst Real Estate Markets in Florida since the mid 1980's. While most Brokerages were struggling to pay their bills, TRS managed a nice profit with most of their Agents earning a decent living. With the lead conversion getting higher each year, the lead flow has continued to grow. TRS's database is up just under 28,000 buyers at the end of the second quarter of 2009. While sales are tough in this market, the system is producing up to 140 different buyer customers per month. TRS Agents are extremely busy and extremely thanksful for the 100MPH Marketing system!

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